First cross-technology platform for healthcare in Europe!

HealthTech4EU Alliance is the 1st cross-technology platform for healthcare in Europe. It unites 7 European technology organisations (ETOs) ranging from photonics, electronics, robotics, advanced (bio)materials, textiles, to nanomedicine, to think about, co-develop and implement cross-technology solutions needed for the personalized, preventive, and digitized precision medicine of the future.

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Why this new Alliance?

Healthcare is shifting towards a Continuum of Integrated Care.

HealthTech4EU Alliance’s missions are therefore to:


  1. SUPPORT the health innovation ecosystem with latest technologies along the Continuum of Integrated Care.
  2. MATCH Healthcare Industry’s needs with cross-technology solutions
  3. CONNECT the Healthtech Providers community (Academia, RTOs and SMEs) with Large Industries and European institutions.

We offer a platform for:

  • Research institutions to better match and integrate their scientific results with new healthcare demands and emerging industrial portfolios,
  • SMEs to provide visibility of their new technology and matching them with industrial partners for integration of their innovation into new cross-technological products,
  • Industry to act as a one-stop-shop for providing information and access to new and connective technologies to accommodate the needs of P4 medicine, and
  • Policymakers and regulators to provide a showcase for new technology trends and their possible application potential to anticipate their impact on healthcare and society

    An access point to the healthtech ecosystem

    in Europe.


    How unique is the HealthTech4EU Alliance?



    to the community of European health technology developers



    a very large, quickly mobilizable community, diverse – in number & variety: 2/3 R&D (academia, RTOs) and 1/3 SMEs



    a transparent, accurate quality-check of European healthtech offer by industry experts, consolidated into a single landscape

    Emerging technologies for healthcare: a revolution in Europe.

    Healthcare is currently undergoing a major transition towards personalised precision medicine and smart connected medical devices. Along with these new medical trends, the healthcare industries, namely the Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology (‘Medtech’), Diagnostics and Biotechnology sectors are undergoing a profound transition towards a more collaborative approach. This development is driven by the convergence of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) with IT and digital technologies. The marriage of multi-KETs smart medical devices with the Digital Single Market will need new forms of industrial and research collaboration partnerships for healthcare, to improve healthcare efficiency while reducing the financial burden on the healthcare systems

    The Continuum of Integrated Care

    HT4EU builds a common vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Integrated Care. This holistic model of care, initiated by the EU-funded NOBEL Project, integrates the use of health technologies for a higher emphasis on prediction and prevention, and for a personalised and patient-centered pre-acute, acute and post-acute medical care. Overall, this new system puts the patient back at the center of the healthcare system, improving clinical outcome and attenuating the cost-intensive acute phase.

    The innovation Loop (iLoop)

    Most of the new medical technologies/devices fail to enter the medical market in a straight way because of various obstacles, not related to their technical features, stability or reproducible performances, but more related to the impact on workflow in real settings, often not optimized and thus implying higher organizational costs and lowering the product value. In consideration of this, it is important to formalize a further cycle of evolution of medical technology products to become viable and higher-value solutions for healthcare: the “Loop of Innovation” (iLoop), serving as a real “value multiplier” for the market.

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